About Us


Peel Jones Copper Products Limited operates out of the North East of England offering High Conductivity Copper Castings to the Iron and Steel Industry on a worldwide basis.

Our product range is cooling equipment for Blast Furnaces, Steel Plant, Arc Furnaces, Smelters and Cupolas including Triple Cooled and Double Chamber Tuyeres (piped or cored), Tuyere Coolers, Flat Plate Stack Coolers, Stave and Mini Stave Coolers, Clamps, Troughs, Tapping Box Seats.

The company has been established over 30 years and has been serving many plant operators on an international level including South Korea, India, Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Tunisia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and of course, the United Kingdom.
International Standards Organisation
BS EN ISO 9002 : 1994
Certificate No. 2228

PJCP carry a certificate of accreditation and conform to Quality Systems Standards, which further strengthens our reputation of providing high standard quality products.

This standard can be defined as a planned, purposeful and comprehensive examination of management objectives, assignments of duties, delegation of responsibilities and methods of operation, thus ensuring effective quality control.