The long experience and professional expertise enjoyed by Peel Jones is reflected in a fully integrated organisation. The total package includes:

a) Research and Development into innovative design to maintain excellence of product and latest technology.
b) Quality Assurance specification with stringent dimensional checking including ultrasonic testing, radiography, pressure testing, IACS conductivity levels and endoscopic viewing.
c) Manufacturing capabilities to ISO 9002.
d) Packaging to multiple handling standards in accordance with international shipping requirements.
e) Delivery on time at the right price and of a high quality product to an international customer base.
f) An integrated network of Agencies located worldwide to assist your needs.

It is continually demonstrated that our unique family of individually designed castings offer extended campaign life and provide cost effective production to our customer, thus attracting associated increased productivity levels.

Distance from PJCP:
London = 250 miles
Teeside Airport = 25 miles
Newcastle Airport = 60 miles